Tulsa Route 66

A lot of folks know that Tulsa is famous for being the Oil Capital of the World at one time, but we’re also the home of Route 66. It runs through the heart of the city and the father of the road, Cyrus Avery, lived most of his life here. The US Highway 66 Association was founded in Tulsa. For those reasons, and many more, Tulsa is known as the Capital of Route 66.

It's not just a road of the past - there's plenty to see and do today that the Route 66 traveler can enjoy. Our downtown is full of beautiful architectural treasures, including one of the best concentrations of Art Deco in the country.

We have a great selection of neon signs and cool roadside attractions. Several world-class museums tell a uniquely American story and the Gathering Place is one of the premier parks in the country.

Be sure to make time for one of our beloved eateries along Route 66 or in the downtown area. Tulsans love to talk about their home town, so don't be afraid to ask questions and stay a while!

Curious about the details? Check out the other pages on this site. There's an itinerary of what to see on Route 66 directly (for the most part) and another page that talks about our must-see attractions in the rest of the city.

This isn’t meant to be a comprehensive list, but should provide a good outline for those stopping in T-Town.

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